"Leading Oneself...Valuing Others"

Every decision you make shapes your future and every decision you make influences everyone you lead or follow.  The courses and seminars described below provide the knowledge and insight into the decision making process taking place within you and can provide you with more awareness and better control of this process.  As you learn to lead yourself you will begin to positively influence those around you to build better relationships and a healthy organizational culture.  

The Art of Leading Oneself (ALO)

The Art of Leading Oneself provides companies with a competitive advantage by helping develop their people and teaching  their leaders how to bring out a better version of themselves and others.  Because organizational culture reflects the people within the company, this course provides targeted instruction for how each employee can improve personally and be a positive part of improving the overall organizational health.  

The "Art of leading Oneself" teaches that .....

  • To become a better leader, you must start by leading yourself first
  • Great leaders don’t just lead employees, they lead people
  • The health of an organization depends on the character of its members
  • Every employee has the power to make a real difference in the health of the organization

The course concludes with a guaranteed method that, if followed, will change the lives and the culture of your entire company!

Measuring Success

Measuring Success is a follow-on to the principles presented in The Art of Leading Oneself course. Measuring Success is an assessment instrument consisting of a combination of focus groups, individual interviews, and a short-randomized survey that provides leaders with important data as to the degree their organizational health is improving. 

  • Collect company-wide data to measure the progress, attitudes, and mindfulness of your team  
  • Data centers specifically on the previous ALO training
  • Data is collected, analyzed and presented to the senior leader team
  • Report provides recommendations and identifies where the greatest impact is being seen and “felt.” 

Measuring Success provides your company with a vital tool for determining if the applied culture change initiatives are having the desired impact.

Leading Oneself Behavior DNA (LOBDNA)


LOBDNA extends the "Art of Leading Oneself" (ALO) principles to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of the “natural behavior” of teammates, friends, and family (valuing others). The course explains why ...

  • Observed behavior is often not the real behavior that is exhibited in decision-making when a person is under pressure.
  • People can be naturally blind to who they are and therefore about others in certain areas.
  • Inability of the leader and team members to separate their own emotions and bias from the actions and decisions of others.

It culminates by providing a structured methodology for building and managing teams on a more transparent basis significantly improving team performance and creating a healthier cultural environment.

Critical Thinking and Effective Communication (CTEC)

Critical ThinkingIt seems that every company is seeking a higher degree of critical thinking throughout their workforce.  However, when asked exactly what critical thinking is, most leaders can't provide a definition. 

Critical thinking is the intellectual process of analysis that takes into account those areas of context often overlooked with the objective of developing strategic solutions that take into account primary, secondary, and third order effects. 

CTEC directly offers leaders and teams the insights and tools to infuse this definition of critical thinking within their workplace. 

  • Understanding bias
  • Examining the sources of unintended consequences
  • The fallacy of dysfunctional arguments
  • Improper use of analogy

Following attendance of our dynamic CTEC course, participants will not look at problems the same way again…they will have a more critical eye, more deliberate approach, and a more salient process for developing lasting solutions.

Keynote Address


We offer innovative, inspirational, and unique keynote presentations that are guaranteed to be the highlight of your offsite, symposium, or conference. 

Our most requested keynote presentation addresses the most important aspect of your team’s behavior…their personal value systems.  We target topics like reputation, honor, and even courage in adversity.  We challenge attendees to build a better marriage, be a better parent, and to bring out a better version of themselves at work. This approach leaves attendees saying, “Wow, that blew me away,” “I really needed to hear that,” and “It’s time for me to get my act together.” 

Other keynotes present individual concepts from the Art of Leading Oneself and Critical Thinking.  We will tailor a keynote presentation to address any particular issue or challenge your company or organization may be facing.  Contact us for more information.

Regardless of the topic, the response to our keynote presentations is universally the same:  ”Best hour of the entire conference!

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Confidential Executive Leadership Coaching (C2)

Every senior leader struggles with important decisions that rest fully on their desk to both discern and decide.  Our approach is unique in that we offer a confidential coaching relationship that is separate and outside of the company process.  C2 is offered only by our top two Thinkenomics leaders, our President and our CEO.  Both coaches have a combined experience of nearly 60 years of leadership in high stress environments from multi-million-dollar budget responsibilities, top supervision of thousands of personnel, environments ranging from combat to time-line production, all within global environments. When we say “confidential” we mean confidential. Both coaches have held decades of Top Secret government clearance, worked in the “Skunk Works” future systems world, and participated in numerous national security engagements as senior leaders.  This service is not shared, recorded, or invoiced under normal channels in order to support an extremely confidential opportunity for our clients. While this service is not for use in government classified settings, it does provide individual industry leaders a confidential equivalent backed by a non-disclosure agreement.  From dealing with problem employees, difficult bosses, or just preparing for an important decision at an upcoming strategic meeting, our C2 can be extremely helpful by providing objective, agenda-free advice. (Please note this service is highly selective and not available to all client requests.)

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If you participate in ANY of our courses, assessments, coaching, or Keynotes and are not completely and fully satisfied that it met or exceeded your needs and expectations, we will not invoice you for the event…period!  Having served nearly 50,000 personnel across government and industry, around the globe, our material, presentation, and commitment to serving your needs has never been critiqued as anything less than overwhelming and is often described as “life-changing.” Our approach is like nothing you have ever experienced and no one anywhere is providing this material this way…we simply guarantee  it!

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