Measuring Success

Measuring Success is a follow-on to the principles presented in The Art of Leading Oneself course. Measuring Success is an assessment instrument consisting of a combination of focus groups, individual interviews, and a short-randomized survey that provides leaders with important data as to the degree their organizational health is improving. 

  • Collect company-wide data to measure the progress, attitudes, and mindfulness of your team  
  • Data centers specifically on the previous ALO training
  • Data is collected, analyzed and presented to the senior leader team
  • Report provides recommendations and identifies where the greatest impact is being seen and “felt.” 

Measuring Success provides your company with a vital tool for determining if the applied culture change initiatives are having the desired impact.

Course Information

The ALO course is only as good as its ability to produce measurable, positive effects to your organizational health.  This follow-on service is directly tied to the training received in the ALO course and is best accomplished within 60 to 90 days following the initial ALO course offering. This follow-on assessment consists of focus groups, individual interviews, and an on-line survey to capture the impacts of the ALO course on your organizational culture.  This service specifically focuses on the principles associated with the ALO course and helps organizations better identify what is working and what may need to be modified.  Following this assessment, leadership will be equipped with valuable "inside" information regarding the extent to which their organization is adapting to the leadership principles associated with the ALO training course.


Every organization requires a clear understanding of what their culture is, how their culture may or may not be changing, and whether or not their culture is headed in the desired direction. Often, we find that organizations employ an initiative aimed at improving and shaping their culture and then fail to measure the outcomes in a rigorous way.  Measuring Success offers not only the opportunity to determine if the previous Art of Leading Oneself course had an impact, but it also provides a clear assessment of where the company’s culture is headed. The advantage of fully understanding your organizational culture will assist in all internal operations from who you hire to who you promote into key leadership positions.  Engineering your company culture must be both deliberate and measured...this assessment offers both.


The assessment consists of two days of on-sight data collection (interviews and focus groups) as well as a short online survey that is sent out 30 days prior to our team's arrival.  The out brief consists of a two-hour presentation of the analyzed data to leadership, questions and answers, and customers are then provided a written report within 10 business days following the out-brief.

The following are a few examples of the areas of interest to be collected:

Degree of trust between managers and subordinates
Degree to which company policy reflects company values
The importance placed on people within the company
Quality of internal professional relationships
Overall company morale
Evidence of positive changes to the culture
Degree to which the principles of the ALO course are being applied
The overall assessment will lead to thoughtful, practical recommendations for areas that can be improved as well as areas where continued strength should be supported.  Finally, this same assessment can be implemented again at various intervals to provide leadership with measurements for success.