Leading Oneself Behavior DNA (LOBDNA)


LOBDNA extends the "Art of Leading Oneself" (ALO) principles to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of the “natural behavior” of teammates, friends, and family (valuing others). The course explains why ...

  • Observed behavior is often not the real behavior that is exhibited in decision-making when a person is under pressure.
  • People can be naturally blind to who they are and therefore about others in certain areas.
  • Inability of the leader and team members to separate their own emotions and bias from the actions and decisions of others.

It culminates by providing a structured methodology for building and managing teams on a more transparent basis significantly improving team performance and creating a healthier cultural environment.

Course Information

Completing the ALO course is a prerequisite for LOBDNA.

The LOBDNA is a 3 hour course presented to a maximum of 30 participants, typically the leadership team.  Each participant is required to complete a 30 minute on-line discovery assessment within two weeks prior to the course date.  (any computer, tablet, or smart phone) 

Our facilitator will meet with the team leader for 30 to 60 minutes prior to the course.  He/she will receive a team report and a short briefing so there are no suprises from any of the participants.



The LOBDNA course will improve the bottom line of your organization by making your teams more efficient in accomplishing tasks.  Each individual, by understanding their natural business behaviors better, and recognizing differences among their peers as strengths, will contribute to organizational goals and help to increase organizational health.  Organizational health is measured by how well individual employee actions and decisions reflect organizational values.   A healthy organizational culture contributes significantly to the bottom line through; easier recruitment of talented applicants, a measured reduction in employee turnover, a decrease in unplanned sick days, no sub-optimization of department goals at the expense of organizational goals, and most importantly, an increase in commitment, loyalty, and trust within the in-group of the organization.  People will want to "belong."



The course consists of 3 modules.  The first provides reliability and validity data on the assessment itself, an explanation of terms and analysis, and guidance on how to interpret the results for your personal assessment.  The second module is an in depth look into the team dynamics, strengths, and challenges of the organizational team and individuals.  We will offer techniques to improve communication between team members by providing a greater understanding of how each individual's natural behavioral style shapes their overall personality.  The third module is a breakdown into small groups (based on DNA Behavioral Style) within which each small group member has the opportunity to give and receive feedback on their two strongest behavioral factors.



Business DNA® is a proprietary solution designed to holistically and reliably discover the behavioral talents and communication styles of leaders, employees and customers and then develop how they are performing. The goal is to improve Business Performance.

The Business DNA® Discovery Process starting point is to identify the natural instinctive behavioral talents that are very stable over time. Most other tools focus on the other components of personality that are dynamic in different circumstances.

Natural Behavior:  The natural behavior provides a reliable predictor of how a person will consistently perform over the longer term using their talents, make decisions with the least stress, respond to different life and work factors that change, and where they will “go to” under pressure.


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