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About Thinkenomics

We train, coach, and develop exceptional leaders in those companies who understand and believe that a healthy organizational culture is essential for productivity, innovation, and growth.

Our Approach

"As much as half of the difference in operating profit between organizations can be attributed to effective organizational culture," according to James Heskett at the Harvard Business School. 

Thinkenomics offers a unique approach to developing organizational culture that begins with the course  "The Art of Leading Oneself"  demonstrating  that leadership starts by first bringing out a better version of ourselves which, in turn, brings out a better version of those around us.  This innovative approach is characterized as “organic leadership” and is the backbone of everything we do. 

Our Success

"While Chief of Staff of the Air Force, I had Dr. Smith teach every four-star, three-star and commander across the entire service...they consistently lauded his material and presentation as the best they had ever received.  He is absolutely spectacular!"

Gen Mark Welsh III, (Ret), Former CSAF

"It's not very often that something exceeds my expectations, but this course blew me away."  Mike Wicks, CEO, i3-Corps.


"Take it!! Anyone that is leading or aspiring to lead in any capacity should take this course."  Shannon Allen, BU Lead

Presented and universally praised by over 50,000 individuals in corporate, non profit, government, military, and civic organizations, our program has demonstrated success in building healthy organizational culture. 

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