The Consequence of Power... and the impact on profits.
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The Consequence of Power... and the impact on profits.

How leaders wield thier power has a direct impact on the bottom line - evey if they don't see it.

While all of us have been subject to working for or with someone who has allowed their own power to pollute their leadership style, rarely do we take the time to really focus on how that pollution is affecting profits. Company  CEOs, Presidents, and senior hiring officials continue to promote and empower people based on their current sales, client base, or even their charisma than on their ability to maintain a balanced self-image, build trust with their subordinates, or  their skill at using authority to encourage and inspire.  Why?  Because most companies only make important those things they can measure.  Self- discipline, trust, loyalty, and commitment to professional values are often difficult to measure until it is too late.  When leadership promotes or empowers individuals based only on their operational acumen and fails to take into account their ability to handle and use power appropriately, it is only a matter of time before the dysfunctional churn of toxic leadership begins to affect the bottom line.

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